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Norwegian Man Viciously Murdered Following In-Person Cash For Bitcoin.

In line with the Norwegian news ’TV 2, the stabbing occurred recently on the Monday morning at the 24-year-old victim’s house in Majorstuen, an affluent neighborhood in Oslosomewhat between 7:50 am to 12:10 pm — after one in his roommates discovered the crime scene.

As per the sources within the Oslo police department told ‘TV 2’ that the murder victim had completed a bitcoin trade shortly before the tragic incident occurred as his social circle were aware to his cryptocurrency dealings.

The leader of the Oslo police department’s head of intelligence and investigations ‘Grete LIen Metlid’ unit, told the publication that investigators were attentive to a tip involving a attainable Bitcoin [BTC] linkagehowever he declined to elaborate any further.

“We are familiar with a tip linking to Bitcoin [BTC], however at now we’ll not give any additional information concerning the investigation,” aforementioned Metlid, in line with a rough translation, adding that the department investigates “widely” and that “economic motives” are continuously a primary pace of interest for investigators.

As at the time of reporting, the police didn’t have any suspects, nor had they created any arrests. According to native reports, forensic analysts continued to analyse the scene more broadly.

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