NFT Galleries Are Apparently Being Tested On Spotify Musician Profiles.

2022-05-18 | Selina Mathew

NFT Galleries Are Apparently Being Tested On Spotify Musician Profiles.

The site is polling its users to see how it can "enhance artists' and fans' experiences."

Spotify, a popular music streaming service, is apparently exploring the inclusion of nonfungible token (NFT) galleries on musician profiles. If the trial is successful, the integration of NFTs will benefit both artists and fans.

Spotify is reportedly conducting a test for select Android app users in the United States, according to reports. The NFT previews are shown on the artist profiles for these people. There are now just two such artists: DJ and producer Steve Aoki and indie rock band The Wombats, who are both recognised for their use of NFTs.

Although direct purchases are not available, the user can tap to be brought to the OpenSea website where they can purchase the item after reading about the NFT and seeing an enlarged preview. Spotify, according to sources, does not support movies or GIF files, instead displaying a static picture with no sound.

The tests are being undertaken "in an effort to improve artist and fan experiences," according to a business spokesman, and while some will "pave the way for a bigger experience," others will "serve just as an essential learning." Some Spotify subscribers reported receiving the NFT-related poll from the streaming service on Twitter.


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