Newegg Now Accepts Dogecoin As A Means Of Payment.

Online electronics retailer Newegg added that it’s now accepting Dogecoin [DOGE, -7.50%] as a means of payment.

Customers will be able to complete transactions using the dogecoin held in their BitPay wallet, consistent with an official announcement earlier on Tuesday.

Newegg primary began accepting payments in Bitcoin [BTC, +2.13%] earlier in July 2014. The firm is now among the primary retailers to accept Dogecoin as payment.

This also coincides with “Doge Day” today, on 20th April, within which proponents of the meme-based cryptocurrency hope to urge the coin’s value to hit $1 USD.

At the reporting time, it’s sitting at $0.41 USD, compared to $0.09 USD just every week ago. In the year so far, the coin has gained over 8,700%.

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