New Zealand's 'FMA' Blacklists Additional 3 More Crypto Platforms.

New Zealand's 'FMA' Blacklists Additional 3 More Crypto Platforms.

2018-12-13 | Big Bob

New Zealand's 'FMA' Blacklists Additional 3 More Crypto Platforms.

In line with a recent report 'revealed' by FMA, it has additionally added three more crypto platforms to its blacklist that warns about scams.

OneLife Network Ltd. and its associated entity OneCoin Ltd. were added to the blacklist as they ‘bear the characteristics of a scam’ and promise surreal returns to users investments. Moreover, the FMA has learned that the mentioned corporations are holding promo events in New Zealand and providing investments, therefore breaching the country’s las by acting as unregistered monetary services.

Another crypto company named ‘Bitcoin Revolution Ltd.’ was suspected of being linked in a scam too. As 'Finance Magnates' reports, the crypto mercantilism firm created suspicious claims on its web-site claiming as “Earn up to $1000 USD per hour or more, starting from today.”

Moreover, the FMA recalled its warning that was announced earlier in Oct., reminding the general public that Bitcoin [BTC] Revolution Ltd incorrectly claimed that the country’s former prime ministers along with the Treasury  officers were also investing in Bitcoin [BTC].

As 'reported' earlier by EtherDesk, the former New Zealand’s prime minister ‘Sir John Key’ was reported on social media to have invested around $300 Mln in Bitcoin [BTC]  from his initial investment of $1,000 USD. Key later denied this report and stated that the initial news was posted by a fake web-site dissembling to be the New Zealand Herald — one of the largest newspaper within the country.

New Zealand’s authorities are already closely watching the ongoing crypto scams. Even in Sept., the country’s police warned its citizens regarding on-line scams generally as an investor lost around $213,000 USD to crypto fraudsters.

From Oct. to Nov., the FMA additionally blacklisted many crypto-related firms, largely for promising surreal returns or failing to acquire a needed certificate of incorporation from the native authorities.

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