New Report By 'Segasec' : MyEtherWallet Is Prone To Most Attacks By Hackers.

New Report By 'Segasec' : MyEtherWallet Is Prone To Most Attacks By Hackers.

2018-09-17 | Big Bob

New Report By 'Segasec' : MyEtherWallet Is Prone To Most Attacks By Hackers.

According to a recent report released by the leading cybersecurity firm ‘Segasec,’ states that one of the most popular Ethereum based digital wallet ‘MyEtherWallet’ is prone to the most attacks by hackers. Segasec has been answerable to defend MEW from malicious attacks. Such tried attacks don’t return as a surprise, knowing the number of valuable Ethereum tokens accessed through the MEW platform. As a matter of reality, users are continuously confronted with a conspicuous message on the platform’s homepage advising them on a way to keep their wallets safe.

Beyond the essential security measures that are associated with non-public keys and login tools, overall platform security is crucially essential. In line with Segasec, since the start of its task of protecting the MEW platform, it's taken down 313 active attacks, with a mean of thirty to forty per week, and these numbers are increasing every daily.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Segasec, ‘Elad Schulman’, explains that the above mentioned stats for the MEW place it among the highest corporations obtaining hit within the crypto world. He additionally notes that the platform has been targeted considerably several times than a number of the other massive names within the enterprise industries, like the financial institutions.

Apparently, the requirement to delegate the responsibility to secure the MEW platform seems to be primarily as a results of these overwhelming attacks. Till this achievement of Segasec, securing the MEW platform was being allotted by its founder, Kosala Hemachandra, and his team. The identification of phishing attacks and impersonating sites offered a busy task that will typically take the team some of days and endless permutations to attain. This is often primarily as a results of the degree of such attacks.

According to Hemachandra, the partnership with Segasec is primarily geared toward securing platform users and guaranteeing the protection of their Ethereum tokens.

Adding further, he says:

“We wish our users to feel safe and that we will do everything we need to make that happen, thus partnering with Segasec is another major step towards safeguarding our users from malicious actors.”

Security threats typically seem within the kind of malicious copies of their targeted sites across varied digital channels with the intent to deceive potential users. These can be through specific websites, social media, and even Google Ads.

Protection against such threats is typically handled by either total takedown of such malicious platforms, block them, or by deception before users become exposed to them.

In the case of MEW, Segasec is, at the instant, perpetually observing around 2,746 suspicious domains just in case they mature into active attacks.

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