New Monero [XMR] Mining Malware Targeting Linux Users.

New Monero [XMR] Mining Malware Targeting Linux Users.

2019-02-07 | Mike Hallen

New Monero [XMR] Mining Malware Targeting Linux Users.

In line with a recent analysis 'report' published, new crypto mining malware still continues to focus on major firms, hijacking victims to mine altcoin Monero [XMR].

Analysis from the Special Ops team at Unites States cybersecurity company named ‘JASK’ disclosed a new version of trojan Shellbot that has become progressively prevalent since after its debut earlier in the month of Nov. last year.

The perpetrators, the firm adds, seem to be a Romanian hacker group called Outlaw, a translation of the Romanian word “haiduc,” that conjointly lends its name to one of the payloads the malware installs.

“The toolkit discovered [...] in use by the offender contains 3 primary components: IRC [Internet Relay Chat] botware for Command and management [C2], a revenue stream for Monero mining, and a well-liked scan and brute force tool, haiduc,” JASK confirmed.

The new threat specifically targets users of devices employing linux operating system. In mid- Jan., analysis from Palo Alto Networks found another Monero-altcoin mining malware targeting linux system users that had the flexibility to disable cloud-based security measures to avoid any detection.

As reported earlier, “cryptojacking attacks” — installing in malware that secretly mines cryptocurrency on a victim's system— became significantly a lot more 'widespread' over the past few months.

Malware detections shot up virtually 500% within the Q1 of 2018, whereas a survey in August 2018 claimed that within the U.K alone, over half businesses had been suffering from 'cryptojacking' at some purpose.

Just this year, separate statistics prompt that around 4.4 % of all Monero [XMR] in circulation came from 'illicit sources'.

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