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New Market Research – Bitcoin ATM’s Vulnerable to Malware Attacks.

According to a web blog posted by a Japanese multinational cyber security and defense company ‘Trend Micro,’ it has found malware bugs in the Bitcoin ATM’s installed.

As per the company’s report, The company cited an advertisment denoted by “apparently established and respected” user on a darknet forum that for just a worth of $25,000 USD, criminals may purchase Bitcoin ATM malware with installed ready-to-use card with EMV and near-field communication (NFC) capabilities.

The EMV chips were originally developed by leading mastercard suppliers to store knowledge on integrated circuits instead of magnetic stripes, whereas NFC permits two electronic devices to wirelessly exchange data.

The malicious package reportedly exploits a Bitcoin ATM vulnerability, that permits fraudsters to receive the equivalent Bitcoins in future.

Another forum thread showed that the vendor additionally offers regular ATM malware that has been updated as per new EMV standards. Further analysis unconcealed that the malware exploits a menu vulnerability to disconnect Associated ATM from the network so as to disable alarms. Further stating Trend Micro stated:

“As long as there’s cash to be transacted — and there’s quite a  reasonable market price of cryptocurrencies — cybercriminals can still devise tools and to expand to remunerative new ‘markets. As this range of Bitcoin ATMs grows, we will expect to examine a lot more types of malware targeting cryptocurrency ATMs within the coming future.”

This is not the only case of malware bugs being developed to halt the crypto ecosystem. In July this year, Valve Corporation removed a game from its Steam game marketplace that allegedly hijacked users’ computers to mine Monero. An another research conducted by company ‘Duo Security’ this year stated hundreds of scams within the bots on Twitter platform, advertising fake giveaways. The study was concluded on more than 80 million accounts on twitter, with the researches using machine learning techniques to train bot classifiers. The further revealed more than a thousand bots spreading fake competitions and mimic towards some of the leading know figures within the crypto world.

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