New Doors Opened For Blockchain Experts In Hong Kong.

New Doors Opened For Blockchain Experts In Hong Kong.

2018-08-30 | Selina Mathew

New Doors Opened For Blockchain Experts In Hong Kong.

Job seekers worldwide with a aptitude and experience in blockchain technology are going to be favored in Hong Kong as part of the country’s distinctive immigration policy seeking to attract skilled professionals.

This week, the metropolis government revealed its first-ever ‘Talent List to attract skilled people’ from across the globe with the aim for country’s economic development including different profession like Innovation and technology experts” in blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence AI ,data engineering, robotics, biometric and industrial/chemical engineering.

The chairman of the Human Resource committee ‘Matthew Cheung Kin Chung’ announcing a warm welcome stated:

“Hong Kong welcomes abilities from everywhere with valuable skills, information and knowledge to work from here, transfer their talent into full play and develop their careers.”

Established in 2006 for all nationals with a couple of exceptions, QMAS includes a quota for a thousand candidates designated to “enhance Hong Kong’s economic competitiveness in keeping up with the scheme’s objective.

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