New Blockchain Based Patent Won By Winklevoss Brothers.

New Blockchain Based Patent Won By Winklevoss Brothers.

2018-09-06 | Robin Williams

New Blockchain Based Patent Won By Winklevoss Brothers.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’ brothers have filed a new patent for “securely storing digital assets,” as per the U.S. Patent and Trademark office ‘USPTO.’

The conformation of the patent was confirmed by USPTO stating that the Winkevoss’s brothers filed a new LLC patent under the name ’Systems and Strategies for storing digital math based assets employing a secure portal’ which  includes a new methodology that permits for the division of a digital asset account “into a plurality of personal key segments,” providing safer technology for digital currencies. The patent further states:

“Private keys for a multi-signature account could also be keept as backups, e.g., in secure storage, which can be tough to access, and should be utilized in the event when the promptly available keys are lost.”

According to the filing, the patent applies to “digital math-based assets,” wherever Bitcoin ‘(BTC’ and Ethereum ‘ETH’ along with other altcoins are mentioned.

Earlier this year, Winklevoss brothers were approved for a patent for crypto-based asset trading that permits for the settlement of exchange-traded product (ETP’s) employing digital currencies and in June, an additional patent was also granted for a crypto-related ETP system.

Back in April, a patent for a system to secure the digital transactions was also approved that implemented common cryptologic secret writing principles.

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