Netpay Partner's With BNC LedgerTech To Use Blockchain.

Netpay Partner's With BNC LedgerTech To Use Blockchain.

2019-02-13 | Big Bob

Netpay Partner's With BNC LedgerTech To Use Blockchain.

In line with a recent news report by ‘Financial Magnates’, major international on-line payments firm named ‘Netpay International’ has partnered with renowned Israeli firm BNC LedgerTech to deploy 'blockchain' into its services.

Netpay International can reportedly become the 4th fintech firm to employ BNC LedgerTech’s digital, blockchain-based 'banking' solution named “Ubanker.”

By employing the blockchain-based tool, Netpay International can reportedly cut operation prices. In line with the report, BNC LedgerTech charges a fixed set of min. fee, whereas banks usually charge a percentage of the entire transferred amount.

As per Finance Magnates, Ubanker complies with E.U [European Union] central bank laws, whereas BNC LedgerTech holds an electronic money institution license within the region.

In return, Netpay International has reportedly partnered with over a hundred banks globally up to date, in line with the 'company’s web-site'.

Recently, Greek member of the parliament of the EU ‘Eva Kaili’ argued that banks cannot stop individuals from employing blockchain technology, implying that central banks have an excessive control over people’s deposits.

Earlier on 6th Feb., a 'report' revealed that around 90% of treasury and finance specialists believe that blockchain can have a positive impact on the payments business. The survey was conducted by 'top 10' United States-based bank named ‘TD’, that is a subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Toronto-Dominion Bank.

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