Motley Fool Invests $5 Mln Into Bitcoin - Exclusive Report.

Motley Fool Invests $5 Mln Into Bitcoin - Exclusive Report.

2021-02-18 | Eddy Morgan

Motley Fool Invests $5 Mln Into Bitcoin - Exclusive Report.

Financial and investment advisory giant, The Motley Fool, has revealed that it'll invest $5 Mln into the Bitcoin [BTC] with the expectation that it'll rise to $500k. Within an official web-blog and Twitter post, the firm added that it won’t be “purchasing overpriced ETFs” but is going to be “buying Bitcoin directly.” Presently ranked 5th globally within the investing category, consistent with SimilarWeb, and with 87 Mln website visits per month, The Motley Fool revealed that three core reasons behind the purchase: Bitcoin may be a better store useful than gold, it's an efficient hedge against inflation and it's the potential to become a transactional asset. The firm is going to be investing in Bitcoin via its 10X real-money portfolio together of 40 assets that it assumes will offer a 1,000% return over the subsequent 15 years. The firm has recommended the virtual asset as a core holding to all or any of its 10X members and has provided time for them to get Bitcoin [BTC] prior to The Motley Fool initiates its own purchase. As per the long-term commitment, the announcement adds that volatility is of little concern.
“While Bitcoin may alright still be volatile within the short term, we expect its 10x potential from the present levels over the future as a part of a diversified portfolio. We decide to hold this Bitcoin investment for several years.”
Should the company’s prediction prove true, it'll see Bitcoin passing $500k within the subsequent 15 years. The Motley Fool adds that it's a solid track record with its investments. The Motley Fool has thus far named 10 of the 40 investment picks for the 10x portfolio, with the others being cloud computing company Appian Corporation, Swiss biotech firm CRISPR Therapeutics, cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, e-commerce platform Etsy, genetic testing platform Fulgent, insurer Lemondate, social media platform Pinterest, mobile gaming platform Skillz as well as video communication firm Zoom. It's worth adding that a lot of those stocks have already been recommended within the firm’s other, more basic investment services. The advisory firm has been conscious of crypto assets for years now, with a 2017 analysis suggesting that Bitcoin’s biggest competitor wasn't Ethereum [ETH] but Litecoin [LTC].

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