Mobile Voting Option Based On Blockchain, Now Available In Virginia.

Mobile Voting Option Based On Blockchain, Now Available In Virginia.

2018-09-27 | Eddy Morgan

Mobile Voting Option Based On Blockchain, Now Available In Virginia.

According to a recent news by a local source ‘Slate’, the citizens of West Virginia that presently live overseas have reportedly started employing a blockchain-enabled application for the purpose of mobile voting on 21st Sept. The mobile app. named [Voatz] would permit the registered voters in the several countries to cast traveler ballots via their mobile phones using a new feature via mobile voting, primarily targeting military members stationed abroad.

The trial for remote voting project, that was solely accessible to a selective cluster of voters, started in March and was with success completed on 8th May, the day of West Virginia’s primary elections.

Earlier in Aug.,the West Virginia Secretary of State and Voatz ‘Mac Warner’ in an interview with CNN told about the concerning outcome of the testings after “four audits of assorted components” of the platform.

Following the report, Warner’s deputy chief of staff Michael L. Queen aforesaid that every separate West Virginia’s county would create an ultimate decision concerning about using the application for the upcoming elections in the month of Nov., adding that voters would be still allowed to cast paper ballots if they select.

The blockchain-powered remote option initiative has drawn some criticism, particularly over security issues.

The Chief Technologist at the centre for Democracy and Technology ‘Joseph Lorenzo Hall’, added:

“Mobile Voting may be a horrific plan. It’s web voting on people’s awfully secured devices, over our horrific networks, to servers that are terribly troublesome to secure a non physical paper record of the vote.”

Bradley Tusk of Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies — the corporate that funded the app’s development — inspired blockchain development for the purpose of mobile voting. Tusk expressed that remote voting option will end up in adding a lot of voters, and as a result, “democracy would work a loads higher.”

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