Millionaire American Businessman Kidnapping And $1 Mln Bitcoin [BTC] Ransom Case.

Millionaire American Businessman Kidnapping And $1 Mln Bitcoin [BTC] Ransom Case.

2019-01-16 | Big Bob

Millionaire American Businessman Kidnapping And $1 Mln Bitcoin [BTC] Ransom Case.

12 individuals suspected to be linked in the kidnapping case of the American businessperson William Sean Creighton Kopko in Costa Rica are taken in custody.

Nine of the suspects were taken in custody in Costa Rica whereas 3 were nabbed in Spain, in line with native 'news source' of New Zealand. It’s currently 3 months since the American businessperson was kidnapped in the Central American country.

Kopko’s family paid a ransom of nearly $950,000 USD in Bitcoin’s [BTC] that was demanded shortly after he disappeared. However, Kopko, who owns the online gambling platform 5Dimes, was never discharged and still remains missing.

Last year in Oct., reports surfaced suggesting that Kopko’s body had been found, but after an investigation it was found untrue.

Costa Rica On High Alert

According to the Spanish Civil Guard, 3 suspects who allegedly were the ringleaders fled from Costa Rica to Cuba. In Nov., the 3 left Cuba for Spain where they stayed in Zaragoza town at the time of their arrest.

Tourists to the Central American country are suggested to exercise additional cautions in several parts of Costa Rica due to a hike in crimes. However above all, the U.S. State Department 'warns' that gang activity poses a deadly risk in several parts of the capital San Jose:

"Pavas and Hospital neighbourhoods in San Jose – Criminal assault and homicides are rumored within these areas. Gang activity, like territorial disputes and narcotics trafficking, has been rumored in Pavas within the regions of the U.S. Embassy."

Even just a week earlier, the Norwegian police went public requesting tips within this kidnapping mystery of a Norwegian millionaire’s spouse. Multi-millionaire Tom Hagen’s spouse, Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, was kidnapped from her residence on 31st Oct.

According to Norwegian magazine Kapital, Hagen, is Norway’s 172nd richest person as of 2018. Hagen is a real estate capitalist and also the owner of an electrical company.

9 Mln Euros Kidnapping Note

As 'reported' by CCN earlier, the kidnappers are believed to have hailed her in her own residence. Her husband was the first to note her disappearance. A note demanding a ransom of around 9 Mln Euros was found shortly thereafter.

Kidnapping Of An American Businessman And $1 Mln Bitcoin [BTC] Ransom Case.

The kidnappers specifically demanded that the ransom ought to be paid in Monero. In addition, the ransom note warned against involving the police. Having reached a 'dead finish', the police decided to approach general public:

"Our goal is to search for the women alive and reunite her along with her family. In serious crime cases, time is a crucial issue. We rely on tips that could facilitate our case nearer to finding Anne-Elisabeth."

In line with 'ABC News', the police has revealed video surveillance footage. The chief police investigator ‘Tommy Broske’, added that they're already finding out the suspects caught within the footage:

"We have access to surveillance footage showing persons moving on the surface of the building on the day in question."

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