MicroStrategy Shifting To Assemble A Blockchain Analytics Team.

MicroStrategy Shifting To Assemble A Blockchain Analytics Team.

2021-02-13 | Mike Hallen

MicroStrategy Shifting To Assemble A Blockchain Analytics Team.

MicroStrategy is shifting to assemble a blockchain analytics team. It might be the primary bitcoin-related software product from a firm primarily known for CEO Michael Saylor’s whopping back BTC as a reserve asset. The firm, based in Tysons Corner, Va., put out calls on LinkedIn earlier on Friday for a Blockchain Data Analyst & Blockchain Data Engineer, explaining in job postings they're going to join a team “building an analytics platform with advanced metrics and insights for Bitcoin.” MicroStrategy revealed earlier in November its interest in building blockchain data products and even stated its intention to rent for them. Executives didn't go public than with positions of interest and remained largely mum on program specifics, describing it as a possible data offering at the time. But Saylor has been vocal about perceived deficiencies in bitcoin’s data. Earlier last October, he explained that “garbage” market data was holding bitcoin back. “Where are you able to find something so incredibly compelling that has such bad data around it relative to other assets?” Saylor added at the time. For a person who spent much of last week about pleading his fellow CEOs to adopt the bitcoin standard, there’s a clear, and vested, interest in improving upon the “garbage.” The dual hirings added a rough picture to what's could eventually become a commercialized intelligence offering for digital assets beyond just Bitcoin [BTC]. MicroStrategy wants analysts experienced with public, private & permission blockchains [Bitcoin’s network is public & permissionless]. A product would also produce shareable, digestible analytical insights, the listings indicate. MicroStrategy’s new engineer would be liable for developing software capable of turning troves of knowledge into “visualizations” which will be shared with “broader audiences.” The job postings position MicroStrategy to maximize bitcoin Saylormania via the software intelligence space, which, as is very easy to forget for a firm with 71,079 BTC on its recordis the firm’s longstanding business expertise.

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