Metaverse Group Purchases Large Amount Of Metaverse Land - Know More!!

Metaverse Group Purchases Large Amount Of Metaverse Land - Know More!!

2021-11-25 | Robin Williams

Metaverse Group Purchases Large Amount Of Metaverse Land - Know More!!

The Metaverse Group has purchased a large amount of metaverse land and has said that it has no intentions to cease doing so across numerous metaverse platforms. The land will be developed for fashion exhibitions and commerce by Metaverse Group. It will also develop alliances with fashion firms interested in expanding their presence in the Metaverse, particularly in Decentraland. "Fashion is the next major development sector in the Metaverse," stated Sam Hamilton, the Decentraland Foundation's Head of Content. Since became the company's major stakeholder, Metaverse Group has made a number of deals. Earlier on Nov. 17, the publicly traded Canadian blockchain investment business invested $2.75 million in Metaverse Group to expand its ownership of the company from 50% to 70%.'s subsidiary purchased 116 plots of property in Decentraland "in the heart of the Fashion Street neighbourhood." The entire area of the land acquired is 6,090 square feet, and it cost 618,000 MANA tokens, or around $2.5 million. MetaSoccer - Raising Money For Soccer In the Metaverse, MetaSoccer has collected $2.2 million to build soccer games and a soccer club administration tool. Play Ventures, Defiance Capital, Parafi Capital, DAO Maker, Kyros Ventures, Metrix Capital, and Peech Capital led the funding round. Users may create virtual soccer teams and play matches or manage them over the course of a season using MetaSoccer. Users may earn MSU tokens in the Play to Earn (P2E) game by trading players, winning matches, and obtaining sponsorships on the site. Eggs from CryptoDragons Already Sold For Over 559 ETH CryptoDragons sold out its whole second round of 1,000 'Eggs' for a total of 559 ETH ($2.3 million) on November 22 at 7:30 p.m. UTC. CryptoDragons is an NFT collection of Dragon Eggs that will ultimately hatch. The initiative began in September 2021, and 1,500 Eggs have been sold so far. 998 Random Eggs, 1 Epic Egg, and 1 Legendary Egg were among the Eggs reserved in the second round of bookings. The Legendary Egg was sold for 50 ETH ($212,000) on the Ethereum blockchain. The sale, according to CryptoDragon, set a new global record for an NFT sold in the initial presale round.

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