Metaverse - Facebook & Microsoft Aren't The Only Ones Attempting For It.

Metaverse - Facebook & Microsoft Aren't The Only Ones Attempting For It.

2021-11-29 | Eddy Morgan

Metaverse - Facebook & Microsoft Aren't The Only Ones Attempting For It.

Mark Zuckerberg of Meta (previously Facebook) and Satya Nadella of Microsoft both declare they want to establish the metaverse. While Big Tech may have lately popularised the phrase, the web3 community has been working on it for quite some time. Cryptocurrency and the metaverse have an unmistakable connection. Cryptocurrencies will aid in the development of future networks, whereas non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent the future of ownership documents. For example, while revealing Meta's ideas for the future metaverse last month, Zuckerberg stated that individuals will utilize NFTs as their digital avatars in this virtual realm. Today's video conferences may feature Cryptopunks and Bored Apes, but they will be replaced with realistic virtual avatars of our own selves in the future. Microsoft, on the other hand, intends to use systems like Dynamics 365 and others to power the metaverse for businesses. Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based game company, has been working on The Sandbox for almost four years. The Sandbox, the company's metaverse game, is planned to launch on November 29 this year. It lets users explore a virtual gaming environment while also allowing them to profit from their activities in that realm using a play-to-earn paradigm. The SAND token, which players collect while they play the game, powers the Sandbox. You may earn more of these tokens by completing missions, and you can use them to buy land and other in-game stuff with them. The SAND token was valued at $5.59 at the time of writing. The jump on November 23 occurred after Adidas announced that The Sandbox project will be used to create a "diverse." Although the SAND coin does not currently have the same amount of liquidity as some other projects, it may be found on renowned crypto exchanges such as WazirX. Sandbox Alpha, the company's play-to-earn event, will commence on November 29 and will provide a restricted number of gamers the opportunity to win 1000 SAND tokens. 18 new experiences and three NFTs will be available in Sandbox Alpha. A longsword, a dragon, and a medieval gate are among the NFTs.

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