MetaMask & 40 Other Crypto Wallets Targets Of Fresh Malware - ALERT!

MetaMask & 40 Other Crypto Wallets Targets Of Fresh Malware - ALERT!

2022-02-03 | Big Bob

MetaMask & 40 Other Crypto Wallets Targets Of Fresh Malware - ALERT!

Browser-based cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask for storing Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), as well as other coins have never been particularly secure. Nevertheless, new malware complicates the security of online wallets by specifically attacking cryptocurrency wallets that function as browser extensions, including MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, or Coinbase Wallet.

As per security researcher 3xp0rt, the new virus, dubbed Mars Stealer by its makers, is a formidable update on the data-stealing Oski trojan of 2019. It uses a skimmer function to steal users' private keys and targets over 40 browser-based cryptocurrency wallets as well as prominent two-factor authentication (2FA) extensions.

Among the wallets addressed are MetaMask, Nifty Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MEW CX, Ronin Wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, as well as TronLink. The virus, according to the security specialist, can infect extensions on Chromium-based browsers other than Opera. Unfortunately, this implies that several of the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave, have entered the list. Furthermore, while Firefox, as well as Opera, are immune to extension-like assaults, they are susceptible to credential-hijacking.

Mars Stealer can be distributed via a variety of means, including file-hosting websites, torrent customers, and some other illicit downloaders. When malware infects a machine, the first thing it does is verify the device languages. If it meets the language ID of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, or Russia, the program exits the system before causing any harm.

For the remainder of the globe, the virus affects a file that contains sensitive data including the address details and private keys of cryptocurrency wallets. Once the heist is accomplished, it exits the system by removing any existence.

Mars Stealer is presently being sold on dark websites for $140, indicating that the barrier to entry for malicious actors is minimal. Customers that store their crypto assets in browser-depended wallets or use browser extensions such as Authy to employ 2FA are advised to exercise caution when clicking on suspicious links or downloading files.

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