Malta Now To Develop National AI Strategy Similar To Blockchain Technology.

Malta Now To Develop National AI Strategy Similar To Blockchain Technology.

2018-11-02 | Big Bob

Malta Now To Develop National AI Strategy Similar To Blockchain Technology.


In line with the Malta Blockchain Summit, the Maltese govt. has proclaimed the formation of a taskforce to develop a national artificial intelligence [AI] strategy. The Junior Minister for financial services, Digital economy and Innovation, Silvio Schembri proclaimed the launch of the governmental initiative “,” stating that Malta is attending to become a AI nation. He aforementioned that the country would develop a friendly regulative ecosystem for AI a lot more similar to the blockchain technology:

“After with success positioning Malta as the ‘Blockchain Island,’ by being the primary within the world to manage DLT (distributed ledger technology) product and services, we would now really like to position Malta amongst the top ten countries within the world with an artificial intelligence policy.”

The govt has already launched a web-site for its national AI strategy. In line with the official statements at the Malta Blockchain Summit, AI projects would be monitored by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority — the same organization that monitors DLT. The government’s objectives are:

“ dialogue with stakeholders, to make awareness of the key topics and problems that may inform a national AI Framework, consult on a policy that considers for ethically aligned, clear and socially accountable AI, establish regulative and monetary measures to strengthen Malta’s attractiveness as a hub for foreign investment in this sector and establish the underlying talent base and infrastructure required to support AI.” can collaborate with SingularityNET, a localised marketplace for AI services, in a very test to “explore a citizenship test for robots within the method of drafting new regulation for AI.”

SingularityNET, that is functioning with renowned robot mechanism ‘Sophia’ engineered by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, has launched its own AGI token, with an overall market capitalisation reaching nearly $33 Mln.

Malta has gained a name as a proactive and friendly jurisdiction for blockchain and crypto-related business. the govt proclaimed its intention to form the country a frontrunner in DLT by next year.

Earlier in July, the country’s Parliament passed 3 bills setting a transparent regulative framework and legal ecosystem for both the crypto and blockchain industries. The country has since become a well-liked space for crypto-related startups, together with world crypto exchanges including Binance, OKex, and BitPay.

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