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Little Baby Doge – A New Meme Coin In Town.

Little Baby Doge (LBD) makes ripples in the crypto arena by setting the pace for cryptocurrencies everywhere.

Despite the Shiba Inu dog theme’s recent introduction into the meme community, LBD introduces a tokenomics design that surpasses meme currency limits.

The LBD’s main goal is to highlight the importance of taking action against the current climate change climate, with a roadmap featuring notable climate change campaigners.

The LBD project will be released on December 13th, but top crypto news and information services such as CoinMarketCap have already recognized it.

Altcoins have followed in the footsteps of analysts who believe that once Bitcoin regains its prior high of moreover $ 60K, it will reignite another bullfight in the crypto world.

A few cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are founded on sound principles such as climate change, and a few even incorporate anti-whale features to protect token holders from a sudden market crash.

Climate change does not appear to be improving as long as the world continues to consume fossil fuels. Temperatures have already risen by 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and even with major reductions, temperatures are expected to climb by another 2 degrees Celsius by 2100, causing even more issues.

Problems including increasing sea levels, ocean acidification, and biodiversity loss require quick attention. After all, there is no market share that can meet that desire other than a habitable planet. Given that governments will continue to drag their feet on matters of global concern, it is time for citizens around the world to take action for a better future.

Activists and activist groups from all around the world are already taking action. These organizations are open to external support and years of hard work to rescue the earth, from prosecuting world leaders to executing mitigation initiatives.

They won’t be able to do it alone, though. Cryptocurrencies and publicly traded funds are frequently an excellent solution that not only funds programs and activities aimed at conserving the environment but also gives the greatest tools for bringing people from all over the world together for the same cause.

As a result, Little Baby Doge’s cryptocurrency project has embraced the “Save the World” strategy to emphasize the need to act. Little Baby Doge addresses climate change directly by leveraging the meme coin network’s generating power and influence (as shown by meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu that have already been infected).

The LBD initiative is aimed to catch the imagination of people who may be oblivious to the challenges of climate change in a way that makes protecting the planet pleasurable. The LBD will collaborate with leading climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio to not only generate funding but also to give the essential tools for community development via blockchain technology.

Top climate change activists are projected to collect donations through a succession of DeFi (decentralized financing) campaigns that will operate across the Little Baby Doge ecosystem, which will continue to support their activist actions.

Without a doubt, motivating communities to participate in the environmental agenda will be difficult. As a result, Little Baby Doge will use compelling content and new projects to raise environmental awareness and effect rapid change.

Above all, Little Baby Doge will leverage the LBD token, a deflationary token integrated within the Binance Smart Chain, to reward token holders with predetermined prizes and a guaranteed token burning event that occurs during the deal.

Because of the debut of an automatic token buying event that occurs throughout the transaction, Little Baby Doge stands apart from other meme coins, leaving the enormous ocean of altcoins alone. This makes it easier to implement a whale-fighting strategy that protects LBD owners from huge market dumps.

The cryptocurrency explosion has brought with it a slew of advantages, including the ability for anyone anywhere in the globe to propose altcoin and raise cash in a matter of days. However, because cryptocurrencies are divided, nefarious actors can take advantage of the bullish market.

Crypto whales can now create enthusiasm around an altcoin before dumping coins or removing liquidity from the market while the market is still bullish, resulting in catastrophic market crashes. The price of NCAT, for example, plunged fourfold in just a few hours after whales caught 500 BNB in a lake.

With this in mind, Little Baby Doge will have a whale-fighting mechanism to protect LBD owners from losing money. This function is set up such that each sales order has a greater price than the buy order, therefore removing the need to sell whales.

6 percent of the total activity will be burnt at a strategic buy event, 2% will be rewarded to token holders, 3% will be spent on promotion, and 1% will be donated to charities.

The LBD token will be used to make a donation to a climate change activist and their cause. More will be contributed to organizations that help the world as a result of the profits produced by LBD token holders through the LBD NFT market area, the lottery system, and the trade-offs divided into liquidity mines.

Unlike many other altcoins, the LBD token determines the future speed of altcoins, promoting the development of projects that are focused on legitimate causes rather than hype and full speculation.

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