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Litecoin Price Rejected At $155 – Will The Bulls Be Able To Retain $150?

Today’s Litecoin price assessment is pessimistic. The price breakthrough was initially uphill, however despite receiving an upwards break, the coin was denied at $154. The LTC has been on a downtrend since the 15th of November, and the pattern appears to remain identical, as bears have done more harm than the bullish bounce seen at the beginning of the trading period. Generally, the crypto market has shown conflicting investor attitudes over the previous 24 hours, with many of these currencies recording losses of varying magnitudes, especially Bitcoin, which is now rebounding but still shows a loss of 2.6 percent. Ethereum is proactive in the decline, reporting a drop of 5.8 percent, with numerous altcoins also selling in the red.

LTC/USD 1-day: LTC is expected to hit $148 support



The 1-day price chart for Litecoin price report suggests that the coin has tried to trade in a range of $129.4 to $155.5 today, and is presently bartering hands at $149.3, disclosing a 4.1 percent drop in the value over the last 24 hours, and thus a larger loss of 25.26 percent in the past week. Today’s trading volume is off 19.6 percent, while the market cap is down 3.89 percent, leading to a 0.47 percent market domination. The moving average is visible at $166, beyond the price level but under the average line of the Bollinger bands. Volatility is significant owing to the wider Bollinger bands, and either side is heading downhill identically due to the persistent downturn. The highest limit is now set at $239, while the lower limit is set at $140.

Litecoin price analysis: Current changes & other technical indicators

The 4-hour Litecoin price study reveals that the price split was northward, and the bulls brought the price up to $154, but the bears did not permit any additional upward and grabbed control. Bears have driven the price down to the point where the daily candlestick has turned red. Because the price is already at a two-month low, there is a good risk that LTC may close at a lower low presently if the negative pattern holds. The volatility on the 4-hour chart is modest, with the upper Bollinger band at $169 and the lower band at $150 slightly over the price level, indicating a level of resistance for the price to confront if bulls manage to hike the cost further in the nearest future.

Conclude the Litecoin price study

According to the Litecoin price research, the currency is selling in the lower price range. The majority of technical indicators are in favor of bears, and the volatility index suggests that the downturn will persist in the next few days, while the RSI scores are also extremely poor. The majority of the signs are negative, but they do point to the general trend. Nevertheless, there is still a potential that LTC will return over the $150 mark due to the existence of bullish components a while back.

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