Litecoin Price On The Verge Of Exploding Soon - OMG & ICON Are Next.

Litecoin Price On The Verge Of Exploding Soon - OMG & ICON Are Next.

2021-11-11 | Eddy Morgan

Litecoin Price On The Verge Of Exploding Soon - OMG & ICON Are Next.

Closer trader and analyst Michael van de Poppe reveals his Litecoin (LTC) bull market target while also revealing a probable game plan for two low cryptocurrencies. Van de Poppe tells his 142,000 YouTube followers in a new strategic session that the peer-to-peer payment network Litecoin might rise 286%the end of the current market cycle. "In the case of a surge in the next bull cycle of Litecoin, we will most likely see the Fibonacci expansion occur here again." ltc

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Then the 1.618 [rate] is $600, and the second one will very certainly be $1,000. So, sure, I really endorse those old altcoins, especially given the structure they provide." Litecoin is now selling at $260 at the time of writing. Van de Poppe also considers OMG Network (OMG), a commercial solution for secure and quick Ethereum transfers. According to the crypto strategist, as long as it maintains support at 0.00024 BTC ($ 16.10), OMG Network can begin a 108 percent meeting versus Bitcoin (OMG / BTC). "The most crucial support is the green space that should be involved," he informs his 477,900 Twitter followers. If this is the case, we may expect a continuation of the red zone's upward trajectory (Fibonacci extension of 1.618). ICON, a hybrid blockchain platform, is another coin on traders' radar (ICX). Van de Poppe claims that ICON is planning for a 65 percent meeting with Bitcoin (ICX / BTC), and that the couple is ready to proceed with their immediate resistance to 0.000053 BTC. "Well, I'm curious about ICX." OMG is currently trading at $16.23 USD, while ICON is trading at $2.13 USD.

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