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Legal Case Filed Against Nano [NANO] & Italian Crypto Exchange ‘BitGrail’.

In line with a recent notice ‘published‘, two U.S law corporations have filed a lawsuit against the developers of altcoin Nano [NANO] and Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail.

Crypto-focused regulatory firm Silver Miller along with securities law firm named Levi & Korsinsky have filed a class action lawsuit representing James Fabian — “and on behalf several other individuals equally situated” — an capitalist in Nano, named as XRB [RaiBlocks].

The case filed alleges that Nano and “key members of its core team” desecrated federal securities laws and directed investors to open accounts and place funds in “little known, and severely troubled” Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail. According to the ‘case‘ filed, the defendants conjointly embrace BitGrail itself, along with exchange’s chief executive officer, Francesco “The Bomber” Firano “in reference to their promotion of a cryptocurrency known as [NANO].”

In a debatable incident, which included over $180 Mln in Nano — calculated at the time of the event — went missing from the exchange, earlier in Feb. 2018.

The filed case asks the court to order Nano to perform a ‘rescue fork’ of the allegedly lost Nano “into a new cryptocurrency in a very manner that may fairly compensate the victims.”

In reference to their web-site post on 9th Feb., BitGrail expressed that around 17 Mln Nano had been stolen in a hack. However, following the hack both BitGrail along with Nano team were blamed for the thievery of the tokens.

BitGrail’s chief executive officer Firano told in a an interview stated that “it’s just not possible to refund the stolen amount.”

Earlier in April 2018, a similar ‘case’ was filed representing Nano capitalist Alex Brola along with Nano’s team as the main suspect of violating United States securities laws by selling unregistered securities and negligently misrepresenting the dependability of BitGrail.

Later in Oct., Brola voluntarily withdrew the suit. The lead defense counsel Peters Scoolidge reportedly aforesaid that “the litigator withdrew his complaint as the case lacked legit evidences.”

Even last month, Silver Miller filed a case against crypto hedge fund manager ‘Jeremy Spence’, blaming him of operating an illicit Ponzi scheme and promising “lucrative returns.” The returns reportedly weren’t profits from investments, however “were merely reallocations to older investors of new investors’ assets,” in a very classic Ponzi scheme configuration.

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