Legal Case Filed Against Elon Musk For Promoting Dogecoin.

Legal Case Filed Against Elon Musk For Promoting Dogecoin.

2022-06-23 | Mike Hallen

Legal Case Filed Against Elon Musk For Promoting Dogecoin.

Even after a $258 billion legal case was filed against Dogecoin, Elon Musk is now also standing in support of Dogecoin (DOGE).

Just earlier this week, a complaint has been filed in New York District Court against Elon Musk and his companies, SpaceX and Tesla, for an alleged Ponzi scheme using DOGE commemoratives. The action demanded $258 billion in total financial damages from Musk while requesting the court to rule DOGE trading as gambling in the U.S.

The action, still, didn't affect much crypto community as entrepreneurs began to make fun of the move. On the other side, Musk, too, also did not seem worried much about the allegation as he doubled down on his love for the Dogecoin ecosystem with the tweet.


Earlier on June 18, Dogecoin creator Billy Markus, who's no longer a part of the project, participated in his vision for Dogecoin that goes beyond the hype — recommending the inventors concentrate more on its roadmap and security. Musk agreed with a “More currency- suchlike ” reply to Markus ’ suggestion.

The world’s richest man further comforted Markus by participating in his openness to employ DOGE as payment means for other services additionally to Tesla as well as SpaceX merch.

Elon Musk came across a fabricated videotape doing rounds on the internet, wherein a deep-fake was used to mimic the entrepreneur on a TED Talk. In the videotape, the deep-fake interpretation of Musk was set up to promote a cryptocurrency platform boasting 30% returns on cryptocurrency deposits. read more @ Top Cryptocurrency News

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