Kranj Gets The World's First BlockChain Memorial.

Kranj Gets The World's First BlockChain Memorial.

2018-03-13 | Selina Mathew

Kranj Gets The World's First BlockChain Memorial.

The city of Kranj, north-west of Ljubljana, has become the site of the world's first memorial to blockchain technology. The memorial, a three-tonne metal circle with a bitcoin sign inside, has been placed in the centre of a roundabout to symbolise the decentralising nature of connectivity. Erected by the city with financial support from two local blockchain companies, 3fs and Bitstamp, the memorial celebrates the potential of new technologies. Ten years will have passed this year since Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown individual or a group, invented blockchain in original reference implementation of bitcoin. But the city said that the technology itself offered much more than indicated by the recent craze for cryptocurrencies. Due to its decentralisation the application of the technology is possible in healthcare, public administration, logistics and many other fields. Blockchain is a technological milestone that individuals will take for granted in their everyday chores in the future, the city added. The memorial, designed by Selman Corovic and created by Aleksander Franceskin, will be unveiled this afternoon. The unveiling will be followed by a round table debate on the future of new technologies and a Blockparty.

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