Keep3rV1 Price Analysis - Can It Be A Good Investment?

Keep3rV1 Price Analysis - Can It Be A Good Investment?

2021-11-21 | Selina Mathew

Keep3rV1 Price Analysis - Can It Be A Good Investment?

The big 4-digit increase in Keep3rV1 pricing is backed by a significant exchange listing, sustained ecosystem growth, and the golden touch of a specific protocol developer. Keep3rV1 (KP3R) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has remained unaffected by the crypto market's bearish reversal this week. Despite the fact that many digital assets have turned red as a result of Bitcoin's (BTC) collapse after setting a new high last week, Keep3rV1 gained 31.60% us the dollar and 44.17% against BTC between Nov. 12 and Nov. 14. Keep3rV1 Price Analysis - Can It Be A Good Investment?

Keep3rV1 Price Chart - Source: CoinMarketCap

Let's take a look at what has inspired the finest performance and what variables have made cryptocurrency stand out from the crowd in the face of the market's abrupt transformation. Andre Kronje, the founder of Keep3r Network, is responsible for most of the enthusiasm that has fueled KP3R's dramatic price swings throughout its history. Kronje is a key person in the fixed financial field (DeFi) and the originator of the (YFI) yield farming aggregator, which is one of DeFi's top crypto contracts. Keep3r Network, which was initially revealed in October 2020, is a job registry that connects businesses with other service providers and technology professionals, known as Guardians, who can execute mundane chores like gathering agricultural goods. Keep3r Eden, a system of rules that allows for open transaction orders, the Forex Configured Market, which attempts to give an alternative to stablecoins with USD, and a liquidity mining platform were finally added to the Keep3r ecosystem. Because the KP3R coin has seen several immediate symbols since its first listing on Uniswap, there has always been a lot of interest from investors. The assumption that Kronje's touch can convert any project into a profitable business may contribute to a favorable impression of the property. KP3R witnessed its price jump rapidly on November 8, after spending much of September and October trading at around $ 300 per token, at a time when the total closed price on Keep3r Network's Fixed Forex approaches $ 1 billion. The trading volume patterns and public opinion near the KP3R are grouped in a manner that looks very similar to prior token price behavior acts as the token price rises. The strongest assets' market Score - an analytical indicator that analyses the historical variability of trade tokens with social functions to how they are currently viewed - demonstrates this. KP3R traded for just over $1,000 on November 11 and 12, nearly doubling its value from the previous week. The market coin rate was in the top eighty percentile, suggesting that the algorithm has high confidence that the KP3R vision for the next 12-72 hours is still advanced and that more gains are possible. Binance's latest trading platform, KP3R/USDT, was announced on Twitter on 12th November. Due to the functionality of the NewsQuakes TM platform, Markets Pro subscribers received an immediate warning of development. The price of KP3R did not instantly jump, but after a few hours, the commodity began a huge rally, climbing from $976 to $1,923 in just 17 hours, an almost 100% increase. Binance listing is significant news for any digital asset, but in the case of KP3R, the announcement landed on fertile ground. The trading activity and public mood were both well-planned, and the spark provided by Binance's tweet resulted in a significant price spike.

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