John McAfee Faces Another Crypto Criminal Lawsuit - DOJ.

John McAfee Faces Another Crypto Criminal Lawsuit - DOJ.

2021-03-06 | Robin Williams

John McAfee Faces Another Crypto Criminal Lawsuit - DOJ.

Cryptocurrency advocate and internet security pioneer, John McAfee, is facing several criminal charges, as per an official statement from the U.S. DOJ [Department of Justice]. The department accused McAfee of “conspiracy to commit commodities and securities fraud, conspiracy to commit securities and touting fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, and substantive wire fraud, & laundering conspiracy offenses stemming from two schemes concerning the fraudulent promotion to investors of crypto assets qualifying under federal law as commodities or securities,” the DoJ’s statement from the Southern District of New York added today on Friday. Jimmy Watson Jr. is additionally listed under the offenses for his role on the “McAfee Team,” which operated within the virtual asset industry. Authorities took Watson into custody in Texas earlier on Thursday, the statement added. Prior to today’s news, McAfee already faced charges from the United States governing bodies for money evasion & ICOs, that he allegedly advertised for compensation without properly informing the general public. After happening the run from the United States government in 2019, McAfee was arrested in Spain in October last year. McAfee remains imprisoned as of the DoJ’s statement. “MCAFEE is presently detained in Spain on separate criminal charges filed by the U.S. DOJ’s  Tax Division,” the DoJ added on Friday. “As alleged, McAfee and Watson exploited a widely used social media platform and enthusiasm among investors within the emerging crypto market to form millions via lies and deception,” Audrey Strauss, a Southern District of New York attorney, added within the DoJ statement, explaining:
“The defendants allegedly used McAfee’s Twitter account to publish messages to several thousands of his Twitter followers touting various crypto assets via false and misleading statements to hide their true, self-interested motives. McAfee, Watson, and other members of McAfee’s cryptocurrency team allegedly raked in additional than $13 Mln from investors they victimized with their fraudulent schemes.”
William Sweeney Jr., an assistant director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, mentioned a number of McAfee’s and Watson’s alleged efforts as “pump-and-dump” tactics. He also mentioned alleged paid ICO promotion, of which the pair didn't announce any public notice.

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