Investigation Into Russian Interference In 2016 U.S. Elections – Analysis Report.

Earlier today, the Senate Intelligence Committee published volume five of its investigation into Russian interference within the 2016 election. The remake found that former CEO of & the cryptocurrency advocate Patrick Byrne was a patsy to plans by Maria Butina, who is presently serving time for espionage on behalf of Russia.

The romance between Butina and Byrne was the sole reason the latter gave upon his departure from Overstock last year. Always an eccentric character, Byrne’s account of the link added that he was operational with United States intelligence.

According to one email from Paul Erickson quoted within the report, Byrne was a lifelong bachelor who had become fascinated with Butina and indeed wanted her to have a toddler with him:

“Since meeting Maria, he has found ever more creative ways to pitch a standing $1 Mln offer to her ‘to have a baby with him.’ He’s utterly enamored of her imagined gene stock and believes that a baby would cement not only his familial line but also relations between our two nations.”

The new report delves into already known details about Byrne and Butina meeting at a libertarian conference, and clarifies that Bitcoin [BTC] was the unifying factor:

“Butina didn’t convey her interest in Byrne at FreedomFest to the Committee, adding that ‘someone was talking about Bitcoin, and there have been some fresh ideas that I wanted to discover,’ but not mentioning Byrne.”

However, it seems Byrne wasn’t a primary target. The report reads: “The Committee assesses that both Erickson and Butina viewed Byrne, a min of initially, as a vector to yet one more Republican presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul.”

The report also continues longstanding claims that Russian intelligence used crypto assets to fund phishing websites and VPNs as a part of its interference within the 2016 Unites States presidential election.

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