Institutional Investors Now Focus On Ethereum, Bitcoin Loses Steam.

Institutional Investors Now Focus On Ethereum, Bitcoin Loses Steam.

2021-10-05 | Robin Williams

Institutional Investors Now Focus On Ethereum, Bitcoin Loses Steam.

From the viewpoint of institutional investors, Ethereum [ETH] is gaining ground on Bitcoin [BTC]. The latter's price has been criticized as being too expensive, causing investors to seek out other crypto investment opportunities. Ethereum's growing real-world use cases have further bolstered its position as a favored crypto investment for institutional investors. The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) provides compelling evidence that Ethereum offers superior investing opportunities than bitcoin. This appears to be shared by institutional investors as well. CryptoCompare issued its Data Asset Management Review for September, which revealed that institutional investors were definitely shifting out of bitcoin for a more advantageous position on Ethereum. Ethereum Is Gaining Ground, While Bitcoin Is Losing Ground The September CryptoCompare report showed some fascinating numbers for bitcoin and ethereum assets under management. Both cryptocurrencies had a rough month in September, with sharp drops and crashes that left both digital assets suffering in the market. However, although institutional investors had fled bitcoin due to falling prices, ethereum had rekindled their interest. The value of bitcoin assets under control fell 7.8% in September. The entire value of bitcoin assets under control now stands at $35.1 billion. The AUM of bitcoin has never been lower in a five-month period. Following the top of the bitcoin market in May, AUM has been steadily increasing. Despite bitcoin's fall, Ethereum-based companies have witnessed a surge in large-scale investment. With a market share of 25.9%, the asset has the largest market share of all crypto assets under control. According to the CryptoCompare study, Grayscale's Ethereum Trust (ETHE) was the most traded digital asset product for the month, with daily volumes up 29 percent. Keeping Up With The Joneses Ethereum has been steadily gaining market share from bitcoin. ETH has been gaining traction as a favored digital investment in recent months, according to different publications. Only six months after its introduction, ETH Futures surpassed bitcoin futures, according to an article by livemint. And it had a stronger positive trend than BTC, trading on a greater rolling basis than the market's leading cryptocurrency.

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