India PM Twitter Account Hacked And Again It Was Around Bitcoin.

India PM Twitter Account Hacked And Again It Was Around Bitcoin.

2021-12-13 | Daniel Smith

India PM Twitter Account Hacked And Again It Was Around Bitcoin.

The authorized Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hijacked a while back, and it was then exploited to spread false claims regarding Bitcoin (BTC) mainstream adoption and the transfer of 500 BTC amongst Indian residents. In a digital meeting held by US President Joe Biden on Friday, Modi stated that technology such as cryptocurrency must be utilized to support democracy rather than harm it. While the much waited Lok Sabha Winter Session, a parliamentary gathering destined to consult the legal implications of cryptocurrencies in the province did not reach the conclusion regarding the government's posture on crypto, hackers from uncertain sources succeeded in taking authority of the prime minister's account, which has over 73.4 million followers, to proclaim Bitcoin as legal tender. The message also featured a link urging unsuspecting buyers to sign up and collect their portion of the BTC prize. Nevertheless, this is the second instance Modi's Twitter account has been hacked and exploited for cryptocurrency frauds. The illegal tweet was quickly removed, and the breach was verified by the Prime Minister's authorized account. Hackers were capable to infiltrate Modi's Twitter account in September 2020, according to Cointelegraph. The hackers, using the alias John Wick, sent out many tweets requesting the prime minister's supporters to "contribute liberally to PM National Relief Fund for Covid-19." The introduction of India's crypto law has raised further worries about the prohibition of private cryptocurrency. While the term "private" has still to be defined at the parliamentary conference, the absence of data has caused traders to fear. Former Finance Secretary Subhash Garg, who had been the bill's architect, criticized the concept of prohibiting "private cryptocurrencies" as a misreading of the bill's provisions.

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