Increasing Popularity Of Bitcoin [BTC] In UK : YouGov Survey Report.

Increasing Popularity Of Bitcoin [BTC] In UK : YouGov Survey Report.

2018-11-10 | Eddy Morgan

Increasing Popularity Of Bitcoin [BTC] In UK : YouGov Survey Report.

An overwhelming majority of the British individuals, around 93% -  know about Bitcoin [BTC], while only solely 4% claim to have purchased it, as per a new analysis survey report published.

In line with a recent survey report published by UK market research company named ‘YouGov,’ 9 out of 10 Brits know about Bitcoin [BTC], however, they report not understanding it. Solely 4% of these surveyed claimed they acknowledge Bitcoin “very well,” whereas 23% state they know it “fairly well,” with men nearly thrice compared to women to say so [33% against 12%]. Younger Brits prevail among those that claimed to know Bitcoin, the report states.

In terms of actual investments in Bitcoin [BTC], younger voters are also in the first position. One in eleven [9%] of British 18 to 24 yrs olds have purchased Bitcoin, compared to one in a very hundred [1%] for individuals over the age of 55. However, overall, around 4% of the respondents have purchased Bitcoin, with the gender break down considerably more males – 6% of men, compared to 1% of women surveyed.

Additionally, a considerable number of youth, 36% of those surveyed within the 18 to 24 yr old range, claim they in person understand someone who has bought Bitcoin [BTC] before.

Increasing Popularity Of Bitcoin [BTC] In UK : YouGov Survey Report.The German Consumers Centers of 2 federal states, Hesse and Saxony, have recently conducted an identical survey. Out of 1,000 Germans between the ages of eighteen and thirty-nine polled, around 55% claimed that they have heard something regarding cryptocurrencies before. Further, 28% of respondents from eighteen to twenty nine found investing in cryptocurrencies to be “conceivable.”

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