Increasing Fraud Cases Following The Growing Crypto Market Trend.

Increasing Fraud Cases Following The Growing Crypto Market Trend.

2018-08-07 | Mike Hallen

Increasing Fraud Cases Following The Growing Crypto Market Trend.

Rather this is with or without the illicit cases, emerging markets always experience similar scenarios. In the case of cryptocurrencies, this has partially taken form in a vast amount of increasing cyber crimes.

An internet security company ‘Cyren’, has  recently mentioned its report mentioning that over 2.8 % of all websites from across the web run cryptocurrency mining scripts. This number is exponentially growing higher than it was just a few months prior to their recent findings.

There are two most popular ways of adding a script-the first comes from having the script run and installed by devious website owners and the second comes from the hostile implementation of the script without the knowledge of the owner. This all has led to an even large problem with many internet users citing increased CPU usage numbers.

These malicious miners have been found to be installed and running on hundreds of thousands of computers. One computer alone can only generate a few cents a day at best but with this amount of computing power being utilised it isn’t hard to see why this has been generating millions of dollars worth of digital case for those behind the script.

To the casual user, the increased CPU activity will go unnoticed. The good news is that more knowledgeable computer users have found a way to diagnose and stop these malicious processes.

By using the latest anti-malware software as well as script blocker browser add-ons, you can minimise the risk of mining against your will.

At the same time, these malicious attacks can also affect mobile devices.These mobile mining scripts often originate from downloaded malicious apps. You can keep your mobile phone protected by keeping a close eye on your mobile devices, by looking out for increased CPU usage and questionable files and apps.

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