In El Salvador, Bitcoin, Bukele, And A Slew Of Central Bankers Convene.

2022-05-18 | Selina Mathew

In El Salvador, Bitcoin, Bukele, And A Slew Of Central Bankers Convene.

At a three-day symposium in El Salvador, 44 central bankers from poor nations throughout the world discussed financial inclusion and Bitcoin.

44 central bankers from poor nations across the world are meeting in El Salvador this week to discuss financial inclusion, small and medium-sized company funding, and Bitcoin (BTC).

On President Nayib Bukele's invitation, central bank representatives from Ghana to Burundi, Jordan to the Maldives, and Pakistan to Costa Rica came to San Salvador for the summit.

The three-day conference will be hosted by the Coalition for Financial Inclusion, a global policy leadership alliance, in collaboration with El Salvador's central bank.

The Bitcoin Beach project's crew was also in attendance, ready to teach the central bankers. El Zonte, the origin of the Bitcoin Law, a grassroots campaign that led to the United States becoming the first country to embrace Bitcoin.

"After spending a day with those central bankers, I can say: still a lot of education to do," Nicolas Burtey, co-founder of Galoy Money, the business that designed the Bitcoin Beach wallet, stated.

Burtey and his colleagues spent the day demonstrating how to utilize Bitcoin Lightning wallets and transfer payments to central bankers. Burtey tweeted, "We can't onboard the central banks fast enough to #bitcoin with the BTCBeachWallet," referring to the rapid progress.


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