IBM's New Initiative to Develop 'Unbounded Registries' Using Blockchain Technology.

IBM's New Initiative to Develop 'Unbounded Registries' Using Blockchain Technology.

2018-09-14 | Big Bob

IBM's New Initiative to Develop 'Unbounded Registries' Using Blockchain Technology.

According a recent official made by the company yesterday, the new initiative referred as the Unbounded Registry would be leaded by a blockchain startup company HACERA, which is intended to produce decentralised means that would register, look up, join and interact across a several range of blockchain solutions, designed to interoperate with all of today’s distributed ledger technologies.”

The project is expected to additionally report major problems associated within the field, along with reserved naming for based blockchain projects, the discoverability of blockchain networks and applications, and a listing of domain-specific functions and services.

Other partners of this registry embrace Intel, Chinese technical giant Huawei, Batavia, Hitachi, along with the Australian Blockchain Association.

IBM is well recognised for its openness to the study and application of blockchain technology across varied fields. Even earlier this month, IBM unconcealed a Stellar-based near-real-time blockchain payment network also known as Blockchain World Wire ‘BWW’. This new service developed is expected to facilitate international settlements between several different banks globally.

Earlier in Aug., IBM and Danish transport in a partnership along with Maersk company launched their international blockchain-enabled shipping solution. The platform is reportedly ready to track crucial information regarding every cargo shipment employing blockchain in the real time, generating a distributed, unchangeable record on the fly.

In June also, IBM iX, the business and the technological consulting group of IBM, in partnership with a software provider company Mediaocean, launched a blockchain-powered tracking service for the digital media transactions to clean things up within the media buying sector.

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