Walmart To Develop A New [Farm-To-Store] Tracking System Using Blockchain Technology.

Walmart To Develop A New [Farm-To-Store] Tracking System Using Blockchain Technology.

2018-09-25 | Eddy Morgan

Walmart To Develop A New [Farm-To-Store] Tracking System Using Blockchain Technology.

According to a recent news by a local source ‘Reuters,’ the end-to-end traceability system is predicated on distributed ledger technology [DLT] developed by Tech. giant IBM. In line with the report, Walmart would require suppliers to implement blockchain technology by Sep. 2019.

The Vice President of Food Safety, ‘Frank Yiannas,’ declared that Walmart would require an identical traceability system “for alternative fresh fruits and vegetable suppliers among the upcoming consequent year.” In an interview with Bloomberg, Walmart told that over a hundred firms would be needed to implement IBM’s blockchain service.

Walmart claims that blockchain technical implementations would “dramatically improve potency.” Frank Yiannas conducted a traceability experiment with sliced mangoes, asking his team to trace that product back to a farm:

"It took them nearly seven days, as the ways of tracking nowadays are antiquated — typically through pencil and paper."

The company claims that with blockchain technology, that method can take simply 2.2 seconds.

In line with Reuters, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] consulted with Walmart to boost product traceability so as to assist health officers track and manage the outbreaks of foodborne sicknesses.

Earlier this year, 5 individuals died and dozens additionally were hospitalized in an outbreak of the E. Coli virus within the U.S. The CDC calculated that over two hundred individuals were infected in total.

Recently, Walmart filed tech-related patented for several blockchain applications, together with the advancement in secure deliveries, ways for managing smart appliances, and a tending healthcare system, among with others. In June, Walmart along with nine alternative firms partnered with IBM to unleash a blockchain-based system for tracking food through its global supply chain.

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