Huobi Global Reveals Its New Director – Report.

One among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges by trade volume, Huobi Global, has revealed the appointment of blockchain industry veteran, Vincent Lau, as the firm’s new director.

Lau earlier worked as an executive at leading cryptocurrency exchanges Bitfinex and OKEx and has worked for global corporations outside of the blockchain sector along with e-commerce marketplace Groupon and marketing firm Iclick Interactive.

With Huobi Global, Lau will be tasked with overseeing the firm’s global expansion, strategic development, and localized operations. Huobi hopes to expand in key markets across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, as well as the European Unionconsistent with an official announcement.

While within an official announcement, Lau added that he was thrilled to be joining Huobi at a time when virtual asset adoption was nearing critical mass and that:

“Huobi is well-positioned to become a worldwide player with its compliance and security-first approach. While Huobi is already established within the Asia Pacific region, there are still several untapped opportunities for the brand both domestically and abroad. I anticipate working with Huobi to expand the brand globally and helping bring financial access and opportunities to all or any communities.”

The new director will also oversee Huobi’s push into DeFi and will head overseas development for the firm’s smart contract platform, Huobi ECO Chain, as well as working to market the adoption of its H-tokens.

Huobi’s H-tokens are assets issued on Ethereum that are “backed by crypto assets from other blockchains,” with Huobi adding that the tokens serve “as a bridge between the centralized market and therefore the DeFi market.”

Yesterday also, as per a report, a subsidiary of the cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Technology Holdings, had been approved by the Hong Kong SFC [Securities and Futures Commission] to launch a cryptocurrency asset management portfolio. Huobi Asset Management is now looking to launch 3-funds, pending further regulatory approval.

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