HTC Introduces 'Brave' As Its New Default Browser For 'Exodus-1' Mobile Phones.

HTC Introduces 'Brave' As Its New Default Browser For 'Exodus-1' Mobile Phones.

2018-12-11 | Eddy Morgan

HTC Introduces 'Brave' As Its New Default Browser For 'Exodus-1' Mobile Phones.

In line with a recent news 'published' by ‘CNET’, decentralized browser named ‘Brave’ would be now the default browser on a mobile phone from major smartphone manufacturer HTC.

Founded back in 1997, HTC is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, that was the leading smartphone manufacturer. However, in line with ‘TechCrunch,’ the company's market share began decreasing, once it trailed Apple, Samsung, and LG with a roughly 6 p.c market share within the U.S. in 2014. In 2017, HTC held 2.3 p.c of the smartphones market share, whereas in 2018 it supposedly controlled a mere 0.5 p.c.

Brave which is a blockchain-powered browser [open source], and blocks ads and web-site trackers — can reportedly be pre-installed on the HTC new mobile devices ‘Exodus-1’, “the first native blockchain based mobile” with added support for several blockchains, together with Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] networks. The forthcoming project of HTC Exodus-1 was primarily declared earlier in the month of May 2018.

Co-founder of Brave and Mozilla ‘Brendan Eich,’ declared this partnership with HTC in his very 'tweet' on 8th Dec. stating that:

HTC Introduces 'Brave' As Its New Default Browser For 'Exodus-1' Mobile Phones.Brave browser uses Basic Attention Tokens [BAT], that send advertisers’ payments to Brave and its users, and laterly can be used to get premium content. Earlier in June 2017, Eich raised $35 Mln in mere thirty seconds throughout the BAT ICO [Initial Coin Offering].

Last month, blockchain-focused electronics provider named ‘SIRIN Labs’ revealed its initial blockchain-based smartphone referred to as ‘FINNEY’. Supporting both Android and SIRIN’s open-source OS, SIRIN OS, the FINNEY phone supports a cold-storage crypto wallet and provides 'encrypted' communications.

Also this summer, the Opera browser for declared the launch of a private beta version for android that may embrace a in-built digital wallet. Opera’s crypto wallet supports Ethereum Web3 API [application programming interface] and can be integrated with a “default WebView” on top.

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