Hot Dog Business Offers A 50% Discount To Dogecoin Lovers.

Hot Dog Business Offers A 50% Discount To Dogecoin Lovers.

2022-02-01 | Selina Mathew

Hot Dog Business Offers A 50% Discount To Dogecoin Lovers.

Willy-Yums, a family-managed hot dog shop in Bradenton, Florida, will provide a substantial 50 percent discount to anybody who buys using meme crypto Dogecoin in February, according to Patch.

The restaurant's proprietor, Rob Williams, says he's been a lover of the doggy crypto for two years, following spotting it on the famous commission-free trading program Robinhood.

Williams was drawn to Dogecoin owing to its low pricing, which was only $0.002 at the time. Since then, the meme currency has increased by around 36,400 percent, reaching a high of $0.73 on May 8.

Williams believes that Dogecoin "has a great mascot dog," and refers to it as "the folk's coin," a dig to billionaire Elon Musk.

Willy-Yums has previously been taking Dogecoin as payment prior to the discount campaign. Clients only need to scan a QR code for payment on their order. So far, just a few people have offered to purchase with DOGE each month, but Williams thinks that the reduction would create the payment option increasingly enticing.

The eatery serves a diverse assortment of hot dogs from throughout the United States.

The year before, the Dallas Mavericks, a pro basketball franchise controlled by billionaire Mark Cuban, gave exclusive discounted pricing to Dogecoin users.

An enthusiastic Dogecoin (DOGE) supporter from Utah began publicizing that he would sell his home at a 10% discount to anybody who paid him in the doggy cryptocurrency.

Notwithstanding the price drop, Dogecoin is gaining popularity among retailers, with e-car manufacturer Tesla currently allowing it for certain of its brand items.

Williams claims to have learned regarding Musk's botched attempt to get McDonald's to adopt DOGE.

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