Here's The Latest On 'The Path To The Merge' And ETH 'Gas Fees'

2022-05-06 | Selina Mathew

Here's The Latest On 'The Path To The Merge' And ETH 'Gas Fees'

In a blog post, Tim Beiko, an ETH core developer, expounded on the much-anticipated 'The Merge,' which is set to take place in late 2022. 'Transitioning Ethereum to proof-of-stake is now obviously insightful,' he added.

As we near the end of 2022, it appears that 'The Merge' will finally be unleashed. The Ethereum Foundation appears to have a route to the release after months of conjecture and opposition.

The Foundation must now thoroughly test mainnet shadow forks, approve merge suites, and deploy smoothly across current testnets. They will ultimately migrate to the mainnet once they have all been confirmed and authorized.

What are these steps, and why do they matter?

The Shadow forks are the first step that the Foundation must approve. They enable developers to monitor how clients operate in close proximity to public networks. Multiple Goerli shadow forks have been deployed, as well as two mainnet forks. MSF3, a new fork, will be released this week.

Because the Merge is the most significant update in Ethereum's history, new infrastructure is required to test cross-layer interactions. The Foundation has used a variety of testing tools created by the Ethereum community, including clients. Before deploying the Merge to the current public testnets, the Foundation will wait for the outcomes of the aforementioned processes. Finally, the Ethereum mainnet transfer is underway.


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