Hard Fork Of Ethereum [ETH], Delayed For Late Feb. Now.

Hard Fork Of Ethereum [ETH], Delayed For Late Feb. Now.

2019-01-21 | Mike Hallen

Hard Fork Of Ethereum [ETH], Delayed For Late Feb. Now.

Developers of core Ethereum [ETH] team have delayed the activation of the Constantinople hard fork, now expected to take place in late Feb. The upgrade is presently set to be observed at ETH block number 7,280,000, as proclaimed by a team lead at Ethereum, Peter Szilagyi, in a recent official 'tweet'.

Upcoming Ethereum [ETH] Hard Fork Now Delayed For Late Feb.

As per the announcement, Szilagyi explains that the activation is now expected at block 7,280.000, that is anticipated to be mined on 27th Feb., next month. The upgrade would reportedly be enforced as “a single fork on mainnet and a post-Constantinople-fixup fork on the testnets to urge them back in line feature wise with the main network.”

This delay date comes within the wake of a surprising delay over a recently discovered security vulnerability permitting a reentrancy attack, that has been detected in Constantinople’s code by smart contract audit firm named ‘ChainSecurity’.

The vulnerability supposedly permits a possible assaulter to steal cryptocurrency from a smart contract on the network by repeatedly requesting funds from it while feeding it false information regarding the malicious actor’s actual Ethereum [ETH] balance. So, as to patch the loophole, the launch of the upgrade had been delayed till any additional notice.

The arriving hard fork is an 'upgrade' to the ETH network, that encloses separate EIPs [Ethereum Improvement Proposals] so as to modify the transition from the present PoW [proof-of-work] to the more energy economical PoS [proof-of-stake] algorithmic.

Once successfully hard forked, the enhancements would supposedly basically modify the Ethereum blockchain, preventing any backwards compatibility - which means that network nodes, either update synchronically with the complete system or keep on running as a separate blockchain entity.

As reported earlier, renowned crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, and OKEx have confirmed their support of upcoming Ethereum [ETH] hard fork.

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