Hackers New Target : PGA Of America's Web Servers.

Hackers New Target : PGA Of America's Web Servers.

2018-08-09 | Selina Mathew

Hackers New Target : PGA Of America's Web Servers.

According to a recent report, cyber attackers have hijacked into the PGA of America’s web servers,  disabling officers out of sensitive files associated with this week’s PGA Championship at Bellerive nation and thereafter coming Ryder Cup in France.

In an official statement, the officers on 7th August, stated that the access to their systems had been been disabled when in the morning they attempted to access their files with a vulnerable msg appearing:

“Your network has been penetrated. All files on every hosting servers within the network are encrypted with a powerful algorithm [sic].Any commit to break the encoding might cause the loss of all of the work.”

The hackers further warned that this action might cause the impossibility of recovery of files for sure.

The files contained sensitive materials for the PGA Championship at Bellerive and next month’s Ryder Cup in France. This in depth includes promotional banners and logos employed in digital and print communications, and on digital aggregation round the grounds at Bellerive. The locked files additionally embody development work on logos for future PGA Championships along with number of other works  that began quite early this year and can't be simply replicated again.

The hackers straightly mentioned this hacking with the case of clear extortion stating:

“We solely have a secret decryption software package available.”

An encrypted email address was enclosed with a suggestion for the PGA of America to send the hackers any of files that they would decode as proof of their decryption software.The message additionally enclosed a Bitcoin address, however currently no specific quantity is demanded for now. Bitcoin address don't seem to be connected to a selected person or entity.

The PGA of America will not meet any extortion demands in future, as clarified by spokeperson on condition of obscurity, as they currently are not authorised on the matter.The organisation’s IT team has however not regained complete access over the files hacked neither they able to confirm the causes of this hack for now.

Officers still now have not regained complete access over their servers. However, a team of effective experts are working on this matter so that this hacking doesn’t affect the tournament in the coming future.

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