Google's 2FA Authenticator Protection Seem To Be A Total Failure Now.

Google's 2FA Authenticator Protection Seem To Be A Total Failure Now.

2018-08-05 | Eddy Morgan

Google's 2FA Authenticator Protection Seem To Be A Total Failure Now.

The security used by most of people including login into their devices or into their exchanges account now a days require a message verification through google authenticator. Google uses a 2FA authentication model since 2010 which currently in this technological era requires to be upgraded due to an increase in cyberattacks by almost 50% since 2010. This technology need users to enter one-time app-generated codes onto websites, that bypasses the vulnerable mobile lines. However, this still leaves each workers and customers even as receptive phishing attacks via email links and spoofed sites. As reported by Etherdesk earlier, there is a new phishing buzz called ’Sim Hijacking’ and Google Authenticator security systems need a serious upgrade.

Phishing Attracts Growing Concern

These subtle phishing schemes is becoming progressively very tough  to recognise over the past few years. in keeping with a recent Verizon information Breach Investigations Report, 30% of attacks occur due to phishing messages opened by targeted users and a very few of these occur due to users click on the malicious attachment or link.

It was stated in PhishMe’s Enterprise Phishing Resiliency and Defense Report that phishing cases accounts an increase by around 50% within the past year with tremendous new phishing sites being created every month as per the newest Webroot Threat report, this leaves several users more vulnerable than ever.

Intel Security printed a shopper information study for above 15,000 people from different countries regarding their ability to find phishing emails and an astonishing 70% of people got a minimum of one answer wrong, that puts the percentages handily in favor of the hackers.

These problems appear to be most serious within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It’s calculable that $1.1 billion price of cryptocurrency was taken simply within the half of 2018.

A new technology of 2FA authentication called ‘the Hydro mobile app’ launched past month is using the third generation security protocols generating security codes in real website.

This protects the user from getting into any security credentials on a spoofed web site coupled by any convincingly trying official emails. The firm behind this technology, Hydrogen, winners of the “Fintech Start-Up of The Year” for 2018, have recently signed a long-run partnership with TD Bank.

These 3rd generation 2FA models for now, seem to be the most secure ways of protecting users sensitive data and shoppers monetary accounts.

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