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Global Cryptocurrency Market Cap Increases By Almost 16% In A Week.

On the 11th of October, cryptocurrency values were a mix of red and green. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by 0.18% to 2 Trillion, while total crypto market volume has increased by 0.59% to 1.3 Trillion.

Bitcoin’s price is currently $55.4 USD, with a 45.58% market share, down -2.90% from yesterday.

According to a document issued by the state planner on Friday, Bitcoin (BTC) mining has been added to a new list of firms in which investment is limited or forbidden, reducing the number of industries on the list overall.

The “negative list” identifies which industries and sectors are off-limits to both Chinese and international investment.

The Chinese government outlawed cryptocurrency trading and mining in 2021, and the country’s central bank promised to take down “illegal” cryptocurrency operations in September. As a result of the crackdown, cryptocurrency exchanges have severed relations with Chinese users.

“Non-public” money would no longer be invested in a variety of publishing activities, including live broadcasts, news collecting, editing, and broadcasting businesses, as well as news operations, according to the state planner.

Private capital cannot be involved in the introduction of news released by foreign organizations, as well as summits and award selection activities in the field of news and public opinion, according to the NDRC.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the number of industries in which investment is barred or banned in 2021 has been reduced to 117 from 123 in 2020.

There are no restrictions on who can invest in industries that aren’t on the list.

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