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Gas Prices At Polygon (MATIC) Have Skyrocketed As A Result Of This Game.

Bloomberg Sunflower Farmers gamers have overloaded the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain network, according to crypto analysts. Know how a game’s ecstasy may paralyse one of the most popular smart contract platforms.

Polygon was broken by Sunflower Farmers, according to Bloomberg.
As per Bloomberg’s Olga Kharif, a surge in in-game engagement on the Polygon (MATIC) Sunflower Farmers play-to-earn system brought median gas prices to astronomical heights.
Gas costs on Polygon (MATIC) rose to fresh historic highs in the opening days of 2022, according to statistics published by major Polygon adventurers.

Polygon gas rates soared by 600% from January 1-3. The action of the Sunflower Farmers game is by far the most visible cause of the inaugural major Polygon (MATIC) network breakdown.
Polygon members are presently submitting over two million transactions per 24 hours. The game surpassed USD Coin as well as Wrapped MATIC token contracts as the top gas consumers on Polygon Network.

Is a move to Terra or Solana in the works?

Because the game currently consumes over 70% of Polygon’s capacity, several dApp customers on a similar network have advocated starting a plea to block Sunflower Farms from using the platform.

As a result, Polygon will fall victim to a similar fate as Ethereum around 2020-2021. Ethereum (ETH) has been choked by Ponzi scams MMM Crypto as well as Forsage, as formerly reported by U.Today.

Whilst some observers believe this is simply a Polygon increasing discomfort, developers may begin to explore transferring their apps to certain other EVM-suitable blockchains

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