GALA Price Up +117% In February As Its P2P Gaming Is Becomes More Popular.

GALA Price Up +117% In February As Its P2P Gaming Is Becomes More Popular.

2022-02-08 | Selina Mathew

GALA Price Up +117% In February As Its P2P Gaming Is Becomes More Popular.

Gala (GALA), a platform centered on employing blockchain infrastructure to offer gamers control over the game they are playing as well as the in-game stuff they collect, has witnessed its token price dramatically rise in the initial week of February. The crypto environment's play-to-earn (P2E) gaming industry has become one among the most robust to volatility as well as price reductions in recent months, as players take advantage of the potential to earn money whilst playing tokenized videogames. According to CoinMarketCap & TradingView statistics, the price of GALA increased by 117 percent from a low of $0.177 on February 2 to a daily high of $0.384 on February 7 and is presently trading at a price around $0.3388 on February 8th. The imminent launch of multiple fresh prominent titles on the protocol, a succession of new collaborations that have aided extends the GALA environment, as well as the continued expansion of the GALA base of users, are three causes for the quick rebound in GALA pricing.

Latest game releases

The $30 billion P2E gaming business is fast expanding, and protocols that want to stay up must create new games and retain an engaged customer base. In this context, GALA has been providing compatibility for fresh initiatives in the environment, including the future Spidertanks as well as Legends Reborn launches.

Collaborations with other procedures

A second aspect contributing to GALA's dynamism is the acquisition of fresh collaborations that are assisting to increase the span of its ecosystem. This involves a newly launched cooperation with the 888innercircle Twitter group, which has over 205,000 individuals who are aficionados of digital art as well as collectibles. Gala has additionally lately formed a partnership with Betwixt, a psychological health-inspired gaming technology that was chosen to acquire $1 million in financing from the Gala Games Conservatorship fund to aid in the incorporation of self-care into the games industry.

Increasing customer base

The society has experienced continuous growth in the number of participants throughout time, notably since the start of December 2021, as a consequence of the development of the Gala environment as well as the availability of options to make a return via games or alternative ways including running a Gala node. As per Dune Analytics statistics, the overall number of GALA users was at 122,230 on Feb. 8, a statistic that has quadrupled since Nov. 7, 2021, when it reached 40,380.

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