FTX Token Bull Run Anytime - Whale Purchases 29,000 FTT.

FTX Token Bull Run Anytime - Whale Purchases 29,000 FTT.

2022-01-18 | Mike Hallen

FTX Token Bull Run Anytime - Whale Purchases 29,000 FTT.

According to WhaleStats data, a huge investor just purchased 29,000 FTX coins. FTT has also overturned Shiba Inu (SHIB) to rank first amongst ETH whales in terms of token position in USD. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin (BTC) as well as the bulk of altcoin tokens are dropping in value.

According to the whales' monitoring program, the Ethereum whale listed 506th purchased 29,790 FTX tokens for $1,361,999.

According to WhaleStats, FTX has overturned Shiba Inu to be first in the USD token position. Previously, SHIB had the highly sought status of having the greatest token holding in USD held by the leading 1,000 ETH wallets.

According to the statistics, the leading 1,000 Ethereum wallets currently possess $1,846,360,396 in FTX tokens or 16.16 percent of overall token holdings excluding ETH. Shiba Inu represents 13.64 percent of total ownership, while Ethereum whales own $1,557,844,411.

FTT price movement

The original cryptocurrency asset of the cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform FTX is FTT. As per CoinMarketCap statistics, FTT has a circulating supply of 138,569,137.92 and is the 30th biggest crypto by market cap.

The FTX token (FTT) recovered from a low of $33.80 on January 8. The bulls drove the price over the MA 50 barrier of $41.77, indicating a potential gradual shift. The latest rally, which reached a high of $47.55 on January 15, urged investors to return to the market.

If bulls keep the price over $45, FTX might start moving toward the psychological barrier level of $50. In contrast to this premise, if the price falls from its present level as well as breaches under the MA 50, it might fall under $36.

FTX Token Bull Run Anytime - Whale Purchases 29,000 FTT.

7-Day FTT Price Chart - Source - CoinMarketCap

At the reporting time, FTT is now trading at $43.54 USD, which is -4.48% down for the day.

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