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Former Investor ‘Christine Grablis’ Sues ‘Onecoin’ Investment Scheme For Fraud.

In line with a recent ‘complaint filed‘, former capitalist Christine Grablis is suing the alleged pyramid investment scheme ‘OneCoin’ for ‘fraud‘.

Grablis is seeking damages & a class action suit to represent several other investors supposedly defrauded by OneCoin.

The full ‘list of defendants‘ within this case – [Grablis v. OneCoin Ltd.] – embodies [OneCoin Ltd.], Ruja Ignatova, Konstantin Ignatov, Sebastian Greenwood, Mark Scott, along side other potential parties who have yet to be named.

As per a Bloomberg ‘report‘ published on 7th May, OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova has been charged with wire fraud, securities fraud as well as ML [Money laundering]; Konstantin Ignatova, Ruja’s younger brother and alleged [OneCoin] executive, was charged with wire fraud, securities fraud along with Money Laundering earlier in March.

As noted within the ‘case‘, Greenwood is the co-founder and “public face” of OneCoin. While ‘Scott‘, on the other hand, is listed as a accredited attorney, who stands suspect of using his legal knowledge to assist the firm launder money via hedge funds.

Silver Miller, a house that supposedly specializes in representing crypto investors, has ‘issued‘ an announcement instructing potentially affected investors on how they could participate within this filed case.

As ‘reported‘ earlier, OneCoin was a renowned Ponzi scheme operating globally that used smoke and mirrors techniques to maintain an air of legitimacy. The scam used a MLM [Multi-Level Marketing] scheme to sell education materials for trading that came with tokens and could supposedly be employed to mine Onecoins.

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