Following The Fed's Rate Hike, Major Financial Institutions Lost $12 Bln

2022-05-11 | Selina Mathew

Following The Fed's Rate Hike, Major Financial Institutions Lost $12 Bln

Following the crypto market's collapse following the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike on May 4th, significant institutional investors in BTC have lost more than $12 billion in asset valuation.

Institutional BTC Holders in Numbers, MTGOX K.K, Microstrategy Inc., Tesla, Inc., and the Tezos Foundation are among the Top-5 firms with the greatest BTC positions, according to current statistics from OKLink. At the same time, only the leading three have more than 100,000 BTC, suggesting that BTC holdings are far less concentrated than those of the bulk of other cryptocurrencies. Even, the largest institutional Bitcoin holder, holds just 0.86 percent of the entire Bitcoin supply.

Whales and Institutional Investors Use Different Strategies

Despite the market's broad fear, most institutional investors and whales still see the current market conditions as the best time to expand their holdings by employing the "buy the dip" technique. Most short-term investors and traders, on the other hand, lack strategic thinking and opt to sell their coins due to fears of a catastrophic collapse in the coming weeks. As a result of such heated viewpoints, activity in the main exchanges has been fast expanding. According to Santiment, a blockchain analytics firm, the net inflow to exchanges of 40,600 BTC is the highest BTC movement in over two years.

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