Flow Blockchain Raises $6.1 Mln Funds For NFT Expansion.

Flow Blockchain Raises $6.1 Mln Funds For NFT Expansion.

2021-12-08 | Daniel Smith

Flow Blockchain Raises $6.1 Mln Funds For NFT Expansion.

Startly, an innovative NFT marketplace, and launchpad built on the Flow blockchain have completed its strategic pre-IDO financing round. Flow-blockchain raised $6.1 million. Starly, Spartan Group, and Animoca Brands have all signed on. According to Starly's formal declaration, the company's private sale was a success. A total of $6,100,000 has been raised from a group of well-known investors. Spartan Group, a prominent venture capital firm, led the round, with Dapper Labs, Animoca Brands, LD Capital, Double Peak, Axia8, Youbi Capital, KuCoin Labs, Shima.capital, and SkyVision Capital also participating. Aside from that, Starly is backed by a number of prominent angel investors. Marat Kichikov, the managing partner of BitFury Group, has joined Starly as a strategic advisor. Ilja Terebin, CEO of Starly, is ecstatic with his company's ambition and the accomplishments it has made thus far: It's difficult to discover actual development in the same NFT issuing and reselling industry, but at Starly, we've invented something truly unique: a platform where NFTs can be instantaneously minted, gamified, granted rare status, and utilized as a part of a collection as well as something consumers can appreciate. IDO and listing are on the horizon. Kichikov, the managing partner of BitFury Group and Starly adviser, highlighted the opportunities created by Starly's most recent round: The NFT market is one of the most rapidly expanding in the world. It will transform many of the items we use now. The Starly team has a clear vision on how to use technology to create a unique experience that focuses on the collection phenomena. Starly links creators and collectors, allowing non-crypto users to take advantage of the technology. I'm excited to join the team as an adviser and assist the company with my investment. Following the successful pre-IDO round, the Starly company intends to launch its token on DAO Maker as an inaugural DEX offering. The event is to be held on December 20, 2021. The program, which was launched in early September 2021, has already gathered $750,000 in secondary sales of non-fungible tokens.

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