Fidelity Investments 'Lightning Torch' Passed By Network Community.

Fidelity Investments 'Lightning Torch' Passed By Network Community.

2019-02-24 | Big Bob

Fidelity Investments 'Lightning Torch' Passed By Network Community.

In line with a recent official 'tweet' published, renowned financial derivatives giant named ‘Fidelity Investments’ received and passed on the Lightning Torch.

Fidelity Investments 'Lightning Torch' Passed By Network Community.

Just like the well-known Olympic torch, the Lightning Torch is being passed between members of the Lightning Network community. The trend initially reportedly started after Twitter user and Bitcoin [BTC] enthusiast ‘Hodlonaut’ sent 10k satoshi’s [smallest fractions of Bitcoin] to an other [Lightning user], and also the user added another 10k satoshi’s and passed it on.

Fidelity 'passed' the torch to the Harvard Tech. Blockchain & Crypto Club within the wake of its approaching dedicated conference. Previously, the torch splendidly has been managed by the '88-year-old grandma' of a cryptocurrency enthusiast along with the the chief executive officer of Twitter ‘Jack Dorsey’, who held it at the start of this month.

As reported earlier, Dorsey, who is additionally the founder and chief executive officer of U. S.-based Bitcoin [BTC] supporting payments service ‘Square’ aforementioned that rolling out the Lightning Network on Square’s Cash Application is a question of “when, not if.”

The Lightning Network is a payment protocol that operates as a second layer on prime of a blockchain. A large no. of those within the cryptocurrency community have 'steered' the [Lightning Network] as a fix to Bitcoin’s scaling drawbacks.

Fidelity Investments manages 'over $7.2 Tln' in consumers assets. Earlier in Oct. last year, the investment giant 'proclaimed' the launch of a new company, 'Fidelity' Digital Asset Services, targeting institutional cryptocurrency asset investors.

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