Ethereum - The Cryptocurrency Most Countries Are Curious About.

Ethereum - The Cryptocurrency Most Countries Are Curious About.

2021-06-21 | Big Bob

Ethereum - The Cryptocurrency Most Countries Are Curious About.

U.S. is among the country most curious about Ethereum [ETH], followed by Germany and Turkey, an analysis of search data has revealed. In line with an official report by, as reported by Finbold, revealed 1,116,000 searches per month for the term “Ether” emanating from the U.S. alone. Excluding searches by budding chemists, that’s the equivalent of around 36k internet searches per day for the world’s No. 2 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Germany, as well as Turkey, followed close behind with 736,300 and 408,500 searches per month, respectively. Among the top three, Germany contained the foremost Ether searches per capita, with 9.46 searches per 1k web users, compared to 3.57 within the U.S. Switzerland, which came 12th on the list, revealed the very best concentration of search interest, with 11.79 searches per 1k web users. The U.K. came sixth on the list, with 230k monthly searches, equating to 3.53 searches per 1k. Predictably, the very best concentrations of interest came from Western countries, where widespread web access is most prevalent. Google Trends data outlined a marked increase within the number of Ethereum Google queries since the starting of this year, with searches hitting an all-time high so far. Ether’s price has increased on the brink of 400% since January alone, climbing from around $700 USD to its earlier valuation of $3,460 USD. As the dollar value of Ether grew, so too did its overall dominance within the crypto market capitalization rankings, with Ether representing on the brink of 20% of the worldwide market cap by early May. An earlier report also revealed that Ether investment products continued to boom this month, whilst the coin price receded almost 25% from its all-time high. Ethereum’s transaction fees fell in exaggerated tandem with its coin’s price, sinking 71% from recent all-time highs.

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